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Only the hand and the look of Human are virtuoso…


Men and women are working hard in the workshop, with their own knowledges, their skills, with boldly to «tame the material», as Franck Rigal said.

Very few sophisticated tools. Only an expert hand and an aware eye make the sufficient amount of work on the matter to emphasize its historical notes, to ease it and shaped it. That is what we found with soft angles, matter joints or wood and steel pieces.



No superfluous, only the essential has got a sense…


The folding machine, at the beginning of the adventure, is the iconic tool in the center of the workshop.

The refined profile of the furniture is probably due to the nonexistent mechanical pieces. That is why the job of weld is very important. All the products will go into the hands of welder artists to be finalized, steel or wood collections.


Nothing is left to chance, all the details are important at every steps of the production.

For the collections including massive wood, we need a cabinetmaker and carpenter. It is almost a sculptor job. Especially for WOOD and WOODLAK collections, the human respect wood shapes and moves. With care and precision, everyone works to create the expected product


Where design flirts with art.



Each BLUNT creation tells a story to who wants to pay attention. With a basic expression, denude language; a furniture remains unique even if it is made in several copy, due to the material essence.

Fascinated by the love of materials, the very first collections have be drawn thanks to the faculty to imagine a correct balance of materials. With no pen, no complex software, Franck Rigal and Laetitia Bouchet are creating.

«This is not the drawings which bring the lines but the matter that does suppose». They are listening to steel, wood and let them act together.

«The materials that we use are timeless, they are true. By working on it as we do, they give the final furniture the same qualities : timeless and authenticity».

The furniture are the result of a successful production in consequence of a self-control knowledges and design. The essence of BLUNT creations comes from the inside of the workshop, always closer to the essential: The matter.

The development department confirms the idea, comes to format, to present and to help some of the customers and professionals to achieve their architectural or furniture project : custom furniture, creation of unique piece for restaurants, hotels, interior homes. BLUNT also offers other productions as wooden or steel walls or floors, fireplaces…


Two different lives, a meeting…


BLUNT, a name which reflects the raw material since 2006, since when Laetitia Bouchet and Franck Rigal create their first furniture collection. The term BLUNT was evidence due to its meaning : strong material, projected and angular. This is a hard work adventure but the success is big. In 2015, the company got the title of Art Craftman, and the participation of the big event “Salon Maison et Objet” in the design hall and the belief of their customers since 10 years makes them ready to enter in the big league of fashion and design.

BLUNT publishes and makes a line of furniture’s which sublimate the strength and the beauty of materials. Steel, solid wood, simple and elegant lines, precise details: the pure signature of its creative craftsmen. Each piece is signed BLUNT with its production date. Every year, many people are attracted by original, functional and timeless new collections.


Blunt Identity is the work of material.





Steel is a reference in the universe of construction, which sound cold and impersonal. Through his work, BLUNT emphasizes the soul of the steel, sublimes his story like wood grain.

Piece of steel or solid wood are chosen one by one because only a human eye can differentiate an interesting or insignificant material.Every piece of steel conceals a story translated with the hot rolling, oxidation and contusion process. All the defaults and imperfections are emphasizes by an expert hand. Each singularity reinforces the uniqueness of the final product.





Wood is a material that possesses imperfections which make the joy of the craftsman. BLUNT plays with it and excel in the art of transform the irregularity and particularity to offer a unique piece. «Sapwood is for example, an essential piece of wood. Its dimension, its color reflect the age of the tree and its size». Selected wood species are Iroko, Sipo, from Africa. Iroko is a blond wood, amber color, fine weaving well known for its great density. Sipo presents the same technical features but its tone is browner and red with discrete veins.



The BLUNT signature is engraved in the material of every piece of furniture.

The signature is the evidence of a unique work handcrafted at the Blunt workshop in Biarritz, France.